• One Eight Distilling Ivy City Gin

One Eight Distilling Ivy City Gin

One Eight Distilling Ivy City Gin

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As hidden away as its namesake suggests, and just as tenacious, the neighborhood of Ivy City is located in northeast Washington DC. Its rich history spans from a longtime connection to the city railroads to its recent emergence as a destination for vibrant local businesses. Ivy City Gin serves as a testament to the neighborhood’s endurance and virtues — both of which are crystal clear.

We distill a high proof neutral spirit from our own milled rye and then macerate carefully selected juniper berries in the distillate for several days. We then redistill the juniper base spirit with other select botanicals in our custom designed gin still. There is a lot of room to play with when formulating gin, but Ivy City Gin is our take on a classic dry gin that makes the best cocktails and is equally delicious neat. Keep an eye out for future limited releases of other styles.

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